as the world crumbles

Are we heading into a major false flag event?

(A related story is under “Here Is The Crummy inside Scoop!”)

The signs are all starting to point in that direction!

And the camps are ready and waiting – many hundreds of them, across this land!

I have read estimates that they have the total capacity to hold more than 3 MILLION PEOPLE!

Posted August 21, 2012

Before all the ammo buying by various government entities, FEMA was stockpiling hundreds of millions MRE’s (meals ready to eat)! My thought is they wanted their camps to be fully operational and for that you have to have food supplies!

The two pages below tell the story!

I would like to know why this much food has to be stockpiled, when a private individual gets labeled a terrorist (DOJ handbook and FBI too, I believe) if they stockpile more than 7 days worth…

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