South Korea’s multi-billion dollar warplane deal – an annotated graphic

Engineering & Technology magazine

As if China’s stealth fighter developments wasn’t enough Far East military action for one day, let’s give the South Koreans a hand as they roll out their $7.2 billion contract for 60 next-gen fighter jets. It’s all getting a bit tasty over on that side of the planet, eh? Someone, somewhere is getting immensely wealthy from all this national insecurity, but it’s not us, that’s for darn sure. Oh well!

What happens to all the old-gen fighter jets, we wonder? Do they have a fire-sale out in the parking lots of Lockheed Martin, EAD, Boeing et al every time a new fighter plane is revealed? Is now a good time to jump in and snap up an outgoing model at rock-bottom prices? Suggestions welcomed!

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

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