Handmade Gifts for the Soldier in Your Life


I previously mentioned wanting to make more wreaths, and here is one!  While searching for supplies for the deer hunter wreath I made, I had bought a package from Walmart that contained 2 bandanas.  The camo was the digital print, it didn’t mix well with the traditional camo, and was really more suited to soldiers since this is the style the where.  So in honor of anyone who had served in the military,  here is what I made.

I started with the wreath and had enough left over to make all of these other items.  To make all this you will need:

2- Bandanas in Digital Camo (available at Walmart)

1- 14″ floral foam wreath

1 foam ball

1 wooden picture frame

1 foam cone

Craft Glue (I recommend Tacky Glue)

1/2″ long pins (for tree)

Double-sided tape (optional)

Button or other item for tree topper

To make the wreath…

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NASA Memory Lane (21)

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On Nov. 27, 1963.

Centaur – A NASA Workhorse
NASA – Workers at the Propulsion Systems Laboratory at Lewis Research Center, now John H. Glenn Research Center, develop the Centaur upper stagerocket. The Centaur was an ambitious rocket using liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. It was the first rocket to ever use hydrogen as a propulsion fuel and underwent a difficult development period. It later became a highly successful upper stage used for hundreds of NASA, commercial and military payloads.

On Nov. 27, 1963, NASA had a successful launch of the first Atlas/Centaur. No payload was carried, but the powerful rocket scored a significant milestone: first in-flight burn of a liquid-hydrogen/liquid-oxygen engine. Major successes followed rapidly.

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Military discrimination against women

The Female Voter

In 1994 the Department of Defense made the decision to bar all women from joining direct ground combat units in the Marines. This is an of itself seems like an odd rule to have and I have no idea what their rationale may have been at the time. The American Civil Liberties Union is now representing women and the Service Women’s Action Network who feel that this rule is discriminatory and has kept them from getting promotions. This Los Angeles  Time article summarizes the story and states the US District Court in San Francisco found the rule unconstitutional. There seems to be a lot of support for ending this rule. Time reported that Marine men and women see no problem with allowing women into direct ground combat units and argues that by discriminating against women it is ruining morale and hurt unit cohesion.

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South Korea’s multi-billion dollar warplane deal – an annotated graphic

Engineering & Technology magazine

As if China’s stealth fighter developments wasn’t enough Far East military action for one day, let’s give the South Koreans a hand as they roll out their $7.2 billion contract for 60 next-gen fighter jets. It’s all getting a bit tasty over on that side of the planet, eh? Someone, somewhere is getting immensely wealthy from all this national insecurity, but it’s not us, that’s for darn sure. Oh well!

What happens to all the old-gen fighter jets, we wonder? Do they have a fire-sale out in the parking lots of Lockheed Martin, EAD, Boeing et al every time a new fighter plane is revealed? Is now a good time to jump in and snap up an outgoing model at rock-bottom prices? Suggestions welcomed!

Click on the graphic for an expanded view.

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Military Women Fight For Their Right To…Fight [POLL]

thank you to all the soldiers that sacrifice for us


I had no idea that women were under a ban against serving in direct combat jobs in the military. Last I checked, women have been fighting in wars since the Civil War by disguising themselves as men. Now that it’s 2012, women can be more than nurses and aids. The role of women in combat is typically controversial and recently women have been given bigger roles in war, but not receiving the respect and the ability to move up in positions that men have. This is why four women in the military are suing.

According to the The New York Times, “The lawsuit asserts that the ban is a relic of a bygone military era and that in recent conflicts, where front lines have been virtually nonexistent, women have frequently found themselves in combat without receiving the same accolades or opportunities for promotion later.” Four women who have served tours…

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Navy replaces top two leaders at Naval Postgraduate School after investigation


(CNN) – The Navy has replaced the top two leaders of the prestigious Naval Postgraduate School after a yearlong investigation into mismanagement and rule-breaking.

The school’s president, Retired Navy Vice Adm. Dan Oliver, stepped down Tuesday, the Navy said. The military branch also replaced the school’s provost, Dr. Leonard A. Ferrari.

An investigation initiated a year ago found that Oliver misused contracting procedures to sidestep federal salary limits and that both top leaders inappropriately accepted gifts from a private foundation that supports the school.

“Taken as a whole, we conclude President Oliver’s conduct amounts to waste and gross mismanagement,” the report states.

The investigation concluded that Oliver and Ferrari fostered an “atmosphere of defiance of statutory requirements and Department of the Navy rules and regulations.”

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus appointed Rear Adm. Jan Tighe as interim president of the school, and the institution’s vice provost will serve as acting provost…

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